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Founder + Principal

David Raponi studied architecture at the University of Florence. In 1994 he participated at 6th Postgraduate International Design Course at the School of Architecture in Naples with professors among others David Chipperfield, Adolf Krischanitz, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Walter A. Noebel, Kenneth Frampton, Jürgen Sawade. As assistant professor in Landscape Architecture at the University of Florence he took a deep interest in visual design in connection with landscape architecture and at the same time he also dealt with the fields of theatre (settings, sculptures and objects for plays by Shakespeare, Aristofane, Artaud, etc.). Subsequently as interior and furnishing designer works for luxury shipyards Perini Navi Sailing Yacht and CNR Yacht. In 1998 founded his firm, the architectural studio based in Ancona – Italy - named HOV.


HOV’s architectural research has moved beyond any restricted disciplinary field and many research projects are developed free of any models. A way through pure and abstract project attitude, towards unusual bends in the field of architecture without any fear of esthetical or rule breaking.  The office has been in Italy at the forefront of the development of the digital design in architecture since its beginning in the late nineties. Some of Hov’s works have been awarded in national and international contests, publications in books, magazine and several webzines.

Actually HOV produces architecture as well art.


David Raponi has been also assistant professor in Architectural Design at the Universities of Florence and Rome. HOV’s work has been exhibited at Triennale Foundation in Milan, Design Academy Hall in Florence, Museum of Modern Art of Trieste, International Congress Centre in Berlin, See.Me Art Gallery in New York and was part of several editions of Biennial Exhibition of Architecture of Miami. He lectured about his design research at University of Florence, University of Rome, IUAV University of Venice, University of Trieste, University of Naples, Maschio Angioino Museum of Naples, Hangar Bicocca Milan among other institutions. David Raponi is the author of the book “HOV_Multiversum” which highlights the range and complexity of sensations involved in his architectural design from landscape to buildings, installations and objects.




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Enrico Baroni   


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